Do you love tea but haven't quite found your perfect blend? Tonic is a subscription DIY tea box that allows users to create their own custom tea.
Because everyone has different tastes, there would be five different types of tea boxes — green, rooibos, black, white, and herbal. The first box of the subscription would come with some necessary tools for custom tea creation such as two measuring spoons, a steeper, and a reusable cup along with six jars filled with ingredients and a card insert that says what is in the box, has a suggested recipe, and has a QR code for the app where the user can find more information about the ingredients, their flavor profiles, and what they can make with them. Each subsequent box would only come with the six jars of ingredients and the card insert.
In the app, users are able to manage their account, sign up or edit their subscription, find information on various ingredients, and build lists of their own custom blends.