This project was created while participating in the Racism Untaught ( curriculum at the University of Illinois taught by Lisa Mercer, a  co-creator of the curriculum along with Terresa Moses.
This booklet was created to point out the racism in advertising coming from many companies. The typeface was chosen for its sharp edges and straight lines, and the color palette consists of only the white, black and red color scheme to ensure that the emphasis stays exactly where it needs to be. ​​​​​​​
In order to gather anonymous reactions, I posted "graffiti wall" posters with the originally assigned Nivea ads to allow people to speak their minds honestly and without fear of judgment. Each alternating spread has quotes taken directly from those posters.
Nivea is definitely not the only company to have released more than questionable ads. The later spreads call out other companies and explain what their ads were. These spreads had only a small description of the ads with just enough information to spark the interest of readers so they would want to look up these ads for themselves.