How can we make group travel easier? In this app, users can book all of their reservations — flights, hotels, activities — as a group; Juntos becomes the one-stop shop for making plans with friends. The plans get sent to the rest of the group for everyone to approve before going through the booking process. Once everything is booked, the app becomes the keeper of all travel needs; it contains boarding passes, hotel and restaurant reservations, and tickets for activities. This was created as a group project with classmate and friend, Hayley Peterson.
Travel is stressful for many people. With this app, we set out to make it fun and easy by using a bright and soothing color palette, rounded shapes and rounded sans serif fonts.
The 'u' and 'n' in the word mark were connected to make one single, smooth line to show the user the ease with which they could create these travel plans together with their friends.
For the fonts, we wanted a sans serif that was rounded and clean so that text would be easy to read and would reflect the idea of smooth operation with near perfect circles for 'o' and clean straight lines for the rest.
Our color palette was intended to reflect our mission of keeping group travel simple, calm, and fun by staying with cool colors that also had a sort of vibrancy to them.
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