The brief was to choose a non-profit and redesign their website. Throughout the process, I went through a benchmark analysis, heuristic analysis, created information architecture, and low- to high-fidelity prototypes.
The current website has a few opportunity areas that could be built upon. During the benchmark analysis phase, I found there to be some redundancies, the menus were a little overwhelming, and the imagery gave off a feeling of sadness. I sought to change that by making the website more relaxing for visitors, simplifying the navigation, and taking away the redundancies.
During the mood board phase, I wanted to explore the use of lighter, more calming colors and landed on a more pastel color palette that would be soothing and welcoming. I wanted to look for a clean, sans serif typeface that would complement the text. Lastly, I wanted to choose new and open icons to use for the menu. 
I chose to work with the color palette from my mood board as I felt it would best achieve my end goal of being more soothing. I chose the typeface Brandon Grotestque for the title font and Roboto for the body copy and secondary title font. The curve element from the logo was also used as a decorative piece throughout the redesigned website as it also gives off a calming vibe.
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